About Us

(Centre for Management Education and Research)

The vision of setting up “Global Human Resource Development Center” was conceived by a group of national and international management professionals as early as 1997. As of now we have successfully completed 15 years in the field of education and research primarily in the areas of Business Management, Engineering & Hotel Management Education with key stakeholders being the educational institutions, the aspirants (students) and the recruiters (the industry).

The center, located in Delhi, was to act as one of the key players in providing a new direction to human resource development initiatives to meet the growing demands and challenges in the new millennium. GHRDC has a team of professionals, widely acclaimed nationally as well as internationally, representing the top leadership in the field of human resource management. The team members have wide and varied experience of working in national, multinational, and international organizations including the United Nations.

1. Survey - Rating and Ranking of Educational Institutions:

GHRDC being highly research- based organization, has been the pioneer in starting the concept and practice of rating and ranking B-Schools from the very inception of its organization and has since (1998) been involved in rating and ranking of B- Schools in India. This was followed by initiating the Survey and Ranking of Hotel Management Institutes in the year 2007 and Engineering College Survey since 2009. We hope to start the ranking of other professional Institutions also very shortly.

In the process, over the last eight years more than 250 B-Schools and 100 Hotel Management institutes and over 100 Engineering Colleges have been visited and more than 5000 faculty members, 10000 students; and over 300 Directors of the different Institutes were met and closely interacted with. The richness and variety of interactions and experiences were unique and professionally rewarding in strengthening the survey methodology.

2. Consultancy:

In our endeavor to provide professional support and training fundamentally aimed at overall improvement to upgrade the status and quality of your esteemed institution, GHRDC is pleased to provide a “Retainership Services” for a period of one year.

3. Training Program:

GHRDC Conducts Training programs such as Student Development Program, faculty Development Program, Teachers Training Program Students career Management Program for MBA, Engineering, Hotel Management students and undergraduate students for building their confidence level in pursuing their courses through soft/people skills.